Multi-room Video

Image quality refers to the level of accuracy in which images are captured, processed, stored, transmitted and displayed.

Greater detail and texture

We now live in an Ultra HD world; vision has never been so spectacularly good!

With 4K Ultra HD, pictures will have much greater detail and texture. Pictures will appear to be incredibly life-like, you will perceive greater depth and colours will be subtly and smoothly rendered. Objects will appear to be solid and three dimensional.

Certified installers of 4K video distribution systems

There is a wealth of Ultra HD content available via Apple TV, Fire TV, Netflix, Sky Q and via Ultra HD Blu-Ray players.

As you would expect from Electric Interiors, we are certified installers of 4K video distribution systems, covering both HD Base T and video over IP technology, using category cable or fibre.

Your Vision Fulfilled

Add a high-resolution, multi-channel audio system to totally immerse yourself, your family and friends on movie night.

From a single media room or home cinema, to multiple screens around your home, Electric Interiors can definitely fulfil your vision!

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