Interior design is the art of enhancing a space to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing space for people to live in.

Like good design, music is also an art form.  Elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre and texture need to be delivered without compromise for unparalleled musical enjoyment.

Music in every room is nothing new, but it was one of the driving factors, which led to the creation of Electric Interiors.  What has changed, is the way it is delivered.  Long gone are the days of clunky CD auto-changers and radio tuners.  Today, we enjoy the benefits of streaming media and a limitless choice of music, which is available for us all to enjoy.  Convenience over sound quality is no longer an argument, with high-resolution streaming services, which exceed the sound quality of CD.

We offer a large range of quality multi-room audio solutions.  These can be wired or wireless, centralised or decentralised.

We can integrate your multi-room system into your home cinema or media room, meaning you can enjoy your music in even higher quality in designated zones.

For customers that demand the very best in audio quality, we can supply 2-channel and multi-channel solutions from renowned companies such as Arcam, Artcoustic, BlueSound, Dali, Lyngdorf Audio and Parasound.

For our most discerning clients, we offer the extraordinary Steinway Lyngdorf music systems.