Lighting solutions for your Smart Home

An observable property and effect of light.

Lighting Control

It is very rare that Electric Interiors carries out an installation without some form of lighting control.

When properly designed and executed, nothing adds more drama to a room than changing lighting scenes. With a press of a single button, subtly adjust the output of several lighting circuits and close blinds or curtains simultaneously.

Lighting Control Systems

Our lighting control systems can be hard-wired, wireless or even a hybrid of the two.

Your lighting control system is programmed to operate the way you want it to operate. It is even possible for the lighting control system to memorise your use of lights over a given period and then mimic them whilst your home is unoccupied, creating the illusion that there is someone in residence.

Complete house lighting control

Our keypads come in a range of designs and finishes to complement your decor. They can even feature backlit, engraved buttons for your convenience. Additionally, an intuitive app will allow you to control your lights from the comfort of your sofa or when you’re away from home.

From a single room to whole house lighting control, Electric Interiors has the experience to light up your world!

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