Control4 farmhouse project

We have recently completed out Wiltshire farmhouse project. The original dilapidated building has been lovingly restored and extended, creating a beautiful family home in the Wiltshire countryside.

We were approached at the start of the project where the owner outlined his requirements in terms of technology. Once we had an understanding of what was required, we recommended a Control4 system to control lighting, multi-room audiovisual and heating control.

High quality audio in every major area was high on the priority list, so we specified Triad multi-room amplifiers, an audio switching matrix and in-ceiling speakers. This combination is capable of delivering high-resolution audio to any area of the home. The cool-running digital amplifiers, developed by Bang & Olufsen, deliver a very impressive 100w per channel to each zone. The spectacular barn room has 2 pairs of Triad ceiling speakers and it’s own dedicated Triad amp delivering astonishing power and detail. It may surprise you to learn, that on a room-by-room basis, Control4 audio represents very good value for money.

For lighting control, the Control4 centralised system was selected. With this kind of system, all the dimming and control hardware is located in a wall-mounted enclosure. For this project, the attic space above the original farmhouse was selected. The Control4 keypads located throughout the property are connected to the lighting enclosure using a 4-core control cable. Multiple keypads can be daisy-chained to create a data bus. Although the keypads are predominantly for lighting control, any button can be configured and programmed for other purposes, such as controlling volume, arming the security system or shutting a room down when exiting (Lights off, TV off) The keypads can be configured with various button options, including colour and size and the back-lit buttons can be custom engraved as in the photos below.

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