Breathing new life into an old system

Sometimes, it’s nice to breath life into an old system, instead of condemning it to the recycling centre!

The customer had an old Speakercraft multi-room audio system which used iPod Classics as music sources. Two out of the three iPods had failed, so we substituted the iPods for Bluesound Node 2i streamers and the customer is delighted with the results.

There are many good reasons for for this kind of approach. First and foremost, the SpeakerCraft was an old analogue system, so the customer was limited to listening to whatever was stored on the iPods. By adding the BlueSound streamers, the customer now has access to a myriad of streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Internet radio stations.

The SpeakerCraft system still functioned and sounded great, so there was no requirement to remove it and replace it with new multi-room amplifiers. The speakers around the house were also high quality, so there was no reason to replace them either.

To operate the system, the customer still uses the original SpeakerCraft keypads to switch the room on and select the music source, but then opens the BlueSound app to select and control her music. Although opening the app adds another layer of control, the sound quality is as astonishing as the vast amount of music available for the customer to enjoy around her home.

The installation is now cleaner with much less cabling, devices and audio adaptors, but offers so much more in terms of music choice and flexibility. In summary, a nice upgrade for relatively little cost and with little to no disruption for the customer. Being able to utilise the old multi-room amplifiers and speakers is good for the environment too, which has to be a good thing.

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