About Us

Established in 2006, the name Electric Interiors was chosen as we firmly believe that technology should not compromise your carefully considered interior.  In fact, we strive to enhance your interior by selecting beautifully designed products, which blend unobtrusively into your home, bringing convenience, music and lighting.

We have amazing long-term relationships with our wonderful customers who always come back to us if they want advice, an upgrade, decide to refurbish their homes or even move house.

We are a small business and want to stay that way, so that we can always provide great personal service where nothing is overlooked.  We are professional, punctual and diligent.  We are meticulous when we work and treat our customer's homes with the utmost care.

We love great architecture, interior design, music, movies and technology.  We have therefore created the perfect business as we get to see wonderful homes being created and have the privilege of adding the icing to the cake.

We work with homeowners, architects, interior designers, builders and electrical contractors.