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Electric Interiors create systems which not only deliver exceptional audio, but will blend unobtrusively, or even invisibly, into your home.

Our product portfolio covers everything from smart speakers to high-performance surround systems. Our Hi-Fi systems look and sound extraordinary, but best of all, our systems can be integrated to provide wonderful, synchronised sounds throughout your home.

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Some smart speakers have the ability to play in synch with each other, but the incredible BluOS ecosystem takes this flexibility to a whole new level. Not only do you get unprecedented levels of control, BluOS devices allow you to listen to your music in glorious high-resolution audio, which exceeds CD quality.

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BlueSound offer a range of smart speakers, high-resolution music streamers, which allow you to connect your existing Hi-Fi to the world of wireless streaming and a range of wireless home theatre components, including a soundbar, subwoofer and surround speakers. For those with a large CD collection, BlueSound offer The Vault, a dedicated 2TB CD ripper and streamer. Analogue devices such as turntables, can also be integrated and streamed around the home.

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Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries. As the name suggests, sublime Scandinavian design meets stunning audio quality. DALI offer a range of outstanding, versatile speakers at competitive price points, perfect for Hi-Fi, home cinema and multi-room audio distribution.

The beautifully designed DALI Callisto wireless speakers would grace any interior. The Callisto speaker series integrate seamlessly with the BluOS ecosystem that empowers you to easily access all your high-resolution music directly from your smart device. Exceptional sound, without the need for complicated electronics, or even speaker cables. Analogue and legacy devices such as turntables and CD players can be added using the DALI Sound Hub, which communicates wirelessly with the Callisto speakers. Connect your TV to the Sound Hub to dramatically improve sound quality from your TV or any device connected to your TV.

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NADs vision of affordable, high-quality electronics was achieved and is now renowned the world over. Over the decades, they have produced award winning, legendary Hi-Fi products, which consistently out-performed much costlier brands. Very much part of the BluOS family, NAD is a sister brand to BlueSound and produce a full line-up of audiophile grade streamers, amplifiers and music players. Play different music at the same time in different rooms, or group all your BluOS enabled devices and listen to your favourite music in perfect sync throughout your home. NADs BluOS enabled products include network music players, which allow for a custom installed solution, where all hardware is concealed from view, delivering high-resolution audio to any part of your home via architectural, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

NAD surround receivers enable you to build a high performance, Dolby Atmos, 4K Ultra HD home cinema. The modular design of these impressive devices mean they are much less likely to become obsolete with age, as they are upgradable. Key models feature the BluOS module, allowing your home theatre or media room to play your music in the highest possible quality.

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